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Live Artist Demo at Timberline Gallery

manzanita by Darlene Jaeger.jpg

Darlene Jaeger:

I believe my love of art started when in elementary school. I won the honor of designing the front page of our annual May festival program. I loved creating the artwork, but to be honest, I also loved the fact I was acknowledged for what I had created.

When I create art now my inspiration comes through nature. It has taking many years to be able to capture the wonders of our surroundings through an artist’s eye. To see the vivid colors, how the light glistens through a droplet of water on a rose petal, or the shadows forming on the ground from a thousand-year oak tree.

How grateful I am for finding the passion which gives me so much enjoyment. In return I’m hoping when people look at my work they can see and feel the same as I did when painting it.

See how Darlene works through a pastel from start to finish.

Darlene will demonstrate her process on Friday, October 12 and Friday, October 26.